Decision Making

Each person with whom talk with brings to our conversation a unique history. That history shapes the person they are today and shapes how they interpret what we say. Among the many lens we use to interpret our surroundings is the decision making lens: some use facts to make decisions, and some make decisions based on emotion.

Both forms of decision making are equally valid. In our science-based world, decisions made by facts tend to have a place of priority or prominence. However, there is a time and a place for intuition and gut-feelings as well.

Whether we’re at a tabling event canvassing door-to-door, or a giving a presentation at a community event, we need to be aware that some people make decision based on their emotions.

People make decision based on emotions, will not be persuade by facts. So, if we’re engaged with a future voter who is talking about how they ‘feel about a proposal’ or they’re saying they ‘don’t feel good about this ballot system’, then we’re probably having a conversation with someone who has made decisions regarding electoral reform that are based on feelings.

If we want to connect with someone who has made a decision based on emotions, we must be careful not to simply give them facts and expect to have any influence. When we’re talking with someone, whether it’s one-on-one at a table or a door or as part of a group at a presentation, and we notice that their decisions were based on emotion, then we must connect with them on an emotional level.

We listen to them talk about how they feel about a situation or a proposal or a proposed ballot. Doing so builds trust in people who use that kind of decision making. Once that trust is built and that emotional connection is made, then the facts become relevant.

The Ballot Box Tutorial connects with people on an emotional level because it uses pets as ‘Parties’ and ‘pet names’ as candidates in Parties. The affectionate demeanor of pets-based ballots replaces the steadfast convictions associated with actual Parties with a neutral soothing feeling of one’s favorite loved pets. The Ballot Box Tutorial also connects with those who make decisions based on reason because it gives real-time, concrete feedback on the correctness of cast ballots.